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Product: VIA Pro for the Web
Applies to: Owners

Expire a Workspace when it is no longer active but you want Workspace owners to be able to access it. Once expired, a Workspace cannot be made active again.

I want to

  • Set or change my Workspace's expiration date


  1. Click the Workspaces icon in the left pane.
  2. Open the Workspace for which you want to set an expiration date.
  3. If you are changing the expiration date, click on the expiration date in the upper right corner of the screen otherwise, click the Set an expiry date link if an expiration date has not been configured.
  4. In the date field, enter the new expiration date or click the calendar icon to select the date from the calendar.

    If your organization has a policy that requires that Workspaces expire within a set number of days after its creation, you will not be able to enter or select a date beyond the date allowed by the policy.

    If you no longer want a Workspace to expire at all, you can remove the expiration date by unmarking the Expire this workspace after check box that appears to the left of the expiration date field. (The box does not appear if you are required to enter an expiration date.)

  5. Click the green check mark icon to save your change. The Workspace will expire at the end of the day that you selected.


Managing a Workspace, Time: 5 minutes

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