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Product: VIA Pro for the Web
Applies to: Owners, Editors and Viewers

You can use Intralinks VIA’s search tool to find files and Workspaces quickly.

I want to

  • Find a file or Workspace


  1. Click the Search icon search_icon.png in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. A panel slides out displaying a search field.
  2. Enter a search term and click the icon next to the search field.

    If your search includes any Workspaces that require two-step verification, you will be prompted to enter a security code. If no code is entered, the search will ignore those Workspaces.

    In a few moments, search results will appear. Workspaces appear separately from files; click the Workspace and File headings to move between the two sets of search results. If the search finds a match within the contents of a file, an excerpt of the contents showing the match is included. When you click on a result, you will be taken to the Workspace where the file is located, and the file will be highlighted briefly.

The results of your search will remain on the search panel. If the file or Workspace that you selected is not the one that you want, click the Search icon search_icon.png again to redisplay the results.


Accesing workspace files, Time: 4:30 minutes

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