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Product: VIA Pro for the Web
Applies to: Owners and Editors

You can delete files on a Workspace if they are no longer needed.

I want to

  • Delete a Workspace file
  • Remove files

About this task

  • Workspace owners can delete any files on their Workspaces.
  • Workspace editors can only delete files they have added.
  • Any files deleted from a Workspace will remain in the trash bin for 30 days (during which time, you can restore them to the Workspace). After 30 days, the files are purged and are unrecoverable.
  • If you delete a file, both the current version and all previous versions of the file are removed. You cannot delete only a previous version of the file.


Single file

  1. Place your mouse cursor over the file.
  2. Click the Delete HC_ws-Delete_01.png icon that appears.
  3. When prompted to confirm, click Delete.

Multiple files

Note: Only Workspace owners can delete multiple files at once. If you're an editor, you must use the process above.

  1. Check the box before each file name.
  2. Click the Delete Selected Files / Folders HC_ws-Delete_02.png icon in the menu section above the content area.  
  3. When prompted to confirm, click Delete.


Managing Workspace files and folders, Time: 5 and a half minutes

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