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Product: VIA Pro for the Web
Applies to: Owners

You can share the contents of a folder with people who do not have access to the rest of the Workspace.

I want to

  • Share a folder with someone who does not have access to the Workspace
  • Invite someone to view only specific Workspace content.


  1. On your main list of Workspaces, click the Workspace tile to open it.
  2. Click the Share this folder icon HC_shareFolder_01.png next to the folder’s name. The Share Folder screen appears.

    This screen is similar to the Share Workspace screen with one important difference: when you share a folder with others, you can make them viewers or editors, but not a Workspace owner. If you want to make someone a Workspace owner, you must add the user on the Workspace level.

  3. Next:
    • Enter email addresses for the people you want to add.
    • Select the role for the new users.
      Note: You can select one role for all the users you are adding. if you need to add someone with a different role, you can follow the steps again and add that person separately.
    • Enter an optional invitation message.
  4. Click Share.


Managing Workspace files and folders, Time: 5 and a half minutes

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