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Product: VIA Pro for the Web
Applies to: Administrators

You can create custom fields that enable Workspace owners in your business group to record and track details about their Workspaces. You can use these fields to capture whatever information is relevant to your business.

I want to

  • Track details about my Workspace

About this task

  • You can add, remove or modify custom fields. These fields appear on the Details tab for individual Workspaces.
  • Once you create a field, you cannot delete it. If you create a field that you don't want to use, mark it as inactive to prevent Workspace owners from seeing / using it.
  • Workspace owners can enter information in custom fields. Editors and viewers can view, but not change, these entries.

Field types

  • Single Line – Allows users to enter a single line of data. You can specify whether the field will allow alphanumeric characters, numeric-only characters, a currency amount or a percentage.
  • Date – Allows users to enter or choose a date using a calendar. You can add help text within the field itself; this text will be removed when users begin typing a value in the field.
  • Multi-line – Allows users to enter multiple lines of alphanumeric data, up to 400 characters.
  • Drop Down – Allows users to select a value from a predefined list.


  1. On the left side of your VIA screen, click the Administration HC_viaAdministration_01.PNG icon.
  2. In the panel that expands, click Details.
    Note: If you're an administrator in two or more business groups, select the appropriate group in the Business Group drop-down menu before clicking Details.
  3. Click a type of field in the left-side palette and drag it to a location in the Active Fields section. Previously added fields will shift to allow room for the new field.
  4. (Optional.) Enter a name for the new field. Titles helps users to understand exactly what is required when they make an entry in the field.
  5. (Optional.) To make the field required, click the asterisk icon (changes to red).
  6. (Optional.) To add a brief bit of help text or a suggested entry in a Single Line or Multi-line field, enter it directly into the field itself. This text will be removed when users begin typing a value in the field.
  7. For Drop Down fields, click the + icon to add another value to the drop-down list.
  8. (Optional.) To make a field inactive, click the green dot on the upper right of its box. Inactive fields don't appear in the Details tab in Workspaces.
  9. When you have finished with a field, click Done.
  10. After you have added or edited all the changes that you wish to make, click Save Changes.


Time: 2 minutes

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