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Product: VIA Pro for the Web
Applies to: Administrators

If you are an Intralinks VIA Pro administrator or business group coordinator A business group coordinator is a client administrator role., you can access the administrator screens to create user accounts, determine the functions that members can access, track workspace details and view the Usage Report. You cannot create Workspaces, therefore, Workspaces are not displayed.

I want to

  • Create and downgrade user accounts
  • Control the functions that group members can access
  • Track workspace details by creating custom fields
  • View the Usage Report

About this task

Please read every administrative article carefully. Some changes that you may make cannot be undone easily and may affect all the members of your business group's Workspaces and any other people who are invited to use them. Do not make changes before you understand their effects.


  1. Click the key icon in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. A navigation panel slides out, showing you the options that are available to you:
    • Users — Use the Users screen to create and downgrade accounts. You also can use this screen to send activation emails to business group members who have not activated their accounts.
    • Policies — Use the Policies screen to control the functions that group members can access in Intralinks VIA.
    • Details — Use the Details screen to create custom fields that Workspace owners can use to record and track details about their Workspaces.
    • Reports — Use the Reports screen to generate and view the Usage report. This report allows you to monitor Intralinks VIA usage on an individual and organizational basis.
  2. If you manage multiple business groups, in the Business Group list select the group you want to view.


Time: 4 minutes

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