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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus


Where on my Intralinks compliance archive can I see which files a user accessed?


This information is stored in two locations:

Users&Groups folder

  1. In the Users&Groups folder, open the appropriate subfolder:
    Group folder: For active users.
    - Removed Users folder: For users who were deleted from the exchange.
  2. Each user is represented by a separate Excel file.
  3. Open a file and refer to the Document Access tab.

Doc-Audit folder

  1. In the Doc-Audit folder, navigate into the subfolders to locate a particular document (represented by an Excel file).
  2. Open the file and refer to the Document Access Report tab. 
    Note: Removed users are displayed at the bottom of the list, under the Removed Users row.

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